About us:

With Bake Vegan, my mission is to share my recipes and give everyone the opportunity to learn how to bake sweet treats without dairy or eggs. I want to help the v-curious community learn how easy adapting your lifestyle to a plant-based one can be!
I aim to provide a true ‘baking-from-scratch’ experience. No matter your skill set, each baking kit can guide you through the process, expanding your knowledge and growing your confidence when baking vegan. When turning vegan or becoming a little more plant-based, I strongly believe that you shouldn’t ever feel like you are missing out! If you’re interested in learning something new, conscious about animal cruelty or just looking to cut a little more dairy from your diet, I would love to help you along the way.

Our packaging:

I am always trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible, so I have decided to only use plant-based and biodegradable packaging in my baking kits! Every ingredient you receive will be packaged in either plant-based plastic or a biodegradable plastic alternative. All of the inserts, boxes and sleeves are recyclable so please try your best to do so!

What do our baking kits include?

Our baking kits contain 1 or 2 plant-based recipes and all of the dry ingredients to make them with. I have included the full recipe and method to allow you to make that bake time & again. You can collect each one to build up your very own recipe book with a Bake Vegan binder! (Soon to be available in our online shop). 

Every box includes a handy notes card containing information about your recipes from the best mixing methods, to baking tips or even decorating techniques to doll-up your sweet treats – you’re bound to be a professional in no time! I want you to be able to learn skills for your future of baking vegan (and get the best results when using our recipes of course!).

If you love to bake or know someone that does, this is the box for you!

Delivery information:

Your delivery will be made by Royal Mail, you will receive an email then your box has been shipped. I aim to deliver your baking kit within 3-5 working days of the date the order was placed.
If you are unable to be in for the time of delivery, you can contact us or Royal Mail to rearrange your delivery.

Our Partners

Vegan Nation

We are proud to be a part of this ever growing vegan community! Find us on Vegan Nation website along with lots of other vegan businesses that are doing what they do best to spread the vegan message. Check out our profile and find out what other vegan businesses are in your local area!

Gracious Grub

We have teamed up to bring the customers in our local area sweet treats, along with the delicious meals created by Lucy at Gracious Grub in Skelmersdale, Merseyside.
Check out her website every Thursday @ 6pm to see her ever changing menu and order your truly gracious vegan food for delivery on the Friday or Saturday. We will be giving you the chance to try out our ready baked sweets at the end of each month, available through the Gracious Grub menu!
Head to www.graciousgrub.co.uk
The Little Cottage Cakery Logo Final

The Little Cottage Cakery

We have teamed up with Saira from The Little Cottage Cakery in Rainford, to bring her customers a vegan range of cakes and bakes. Everything they need, in one place to suit the whole family!
Check out her website to view the new vegan range of Birthday Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookie Pizza’s and our variety of Cookie Sandwiches.
Head to: www.thelittlecottagecakeryclasses.co.uk

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